When does my Short-Term Disability Benefit begin?

To receive benefits, you must be disabled as a result of an injury or illness or unable to work due to pregnancy and you must be receiving regular care from your doctor. The start date can vary depending on the reason for disability and when you first see a doctor.
How long will it take for my Short-Term Disability claim to be processed?

Short-Term Disability claims are processed on a first-in first-out basis. In general, turnaround time is approximately ten business days.

I received the maximum benefits under my Short-Term Disability Benefit. However, I am still disabled. Are there any other benefits available to me?

Although the Short-Term Disability Benefit only provides you a weekly payment for a set amount of weeks.

When does my Short-Term Disability Benefit end?

Short-Term Disability Benefits end when you are no longer disabled, retire or have received the maximum number of week’s payable under your Plan.

Can my Short-Term Disability check be deposited directly into my bank account?

No.  Short-Term Disability Benefit checks are mailed to the enrollee.

Is my doctor allowed to charge me a fee to complete my Short-Term Disability Form?

Yes. While many doctors include this fee with their office visit charge, they can bill you separately for completing the form. Additional questions should be discussed with your doctor’s office.

Can I qualify for Short-Term Disability Benefits if I am compensated for vacation, sick or personal days?

Yes. Short-Term Disability Benefits are independent of other benefits.

Am I entitled to Short-Term Disability Benefits if I had an on-the-job accident?

Short-Term Disability Benefits are available for accidents or injuries that are covered under Workers’ Compensation. However; benefits are reduced if Workers’ Compensation benefits are paid.

Are my dependents eligible for Short-Term Disability?

No. Short-Term Disability is a participant-only benefit.